Our coffees, Our people

It is often said, a coffee grower pours his life into the crop

The hard work of our elders had endured for the last three generations, converting dense bushes on mountain slopes into farmlands, planting coffee seedlings and waiting for the next five years before they could cherish the results of their hard work by picking the coffee crop…year after year is what our coffees you cherish today.

The Plantations and the exporting now in the hands of younger fifth Generation coffee planters and entrepreneurs is carried out with same dedication and honour to pass on the legacy forward

Classic Specialty Portfolio

The tradition still observed, only ripped coffee berries are meticulously handpicked, sorted, washed in spring water and later sun dried. The seeds are then cured, engaging state-of-art curing equipment’s and finally packed grain-pro bags and food-grade new jute sack to retain that distinctive natural flavour.

The heights of superiority

“High Grown coffee” comes from origins that are interlaced with the very birth of coffee in India. Our coffee is grown at high elevations between 4000-6000 Ft and above which are known to possess a distinct flavour and acidity in cup due to slower development of beans and they produce coffees that are full flavour high quality dense beans.

Superiority breeds in shade  

Our specialty includes “Shade Grown” single estate coffees. The special feature of our estate is the shade grown, where the coffee plants are shielded from continuous direct sunlight by tall shade providing trees. This ensures that the berries take the right time to ripen, thus yielding mature and excellent coffee beans. 
Our Estate coffees originate on single form with common soils and with the distinct identity in terms of flavour and aroma characteristics. This will be the reason why Estate coffees are generally more expensive and actually define the specialty coffee market.

Sustainable Coffee and ethical coffee growing  practices

We believe that growing is a holistic art and follow sustainable coffee growing process only with the goodness of the Mother Nature. We support various organisations that help preserve the biodiversity of coffee growing regions, and ensure fair practices to improve the livelihoods of people helping us produce these exotic coffees