What we do 

Our inheritance and linage of coffee farming for decades has let us work closely with our family farms, giving us access to fabulous coffees.

A legacy of coffee growing for five generations in the family, our passion and knowledge for exquisite coffee beans goes beyond meeting the discerning expectations of our customers. We have been growing and refining the coffee processes at the farm level by collaborating with researchers and industry experts from International Coffee Industry and the local Coffee Board to meet the high quality standards.

Our work starts with facilitating coffee companies and roaster buying coffee directly from our family owned estates, thus letting the growers achieve a premium, this higher income to the farmers directly transcends to a higher quality of life for them and to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with growers

Classic Synergy, India, being the founding members of Specialty Coffee Association of India and Classic Coffee New Zealand member of New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association focuses to be the frontiers in the specialty coffee trade by creating a innovative coffee procurement process and efficient supply management for large quantities as container loads, to orders as small as 50 bags

We take personalized attention to cater for customer requirements with extreme care, right from the plantation level till the beans leaves the curing unit and is delivered at the door step of the roaster.

Our philosophy for customer’s satisfaction in quality of the coffee we export time after time with impeccable service has made us a trusted and a reliable supplier.